Zashiki Karakuri’s Replica (Tea-Service Robot)

Here is posted a Zashiki Karakuri Robot project. The real ones date back to Edo period’s (1603-1868) and they were made as a Tea-Service Robots. Their main operating sequence was:


The working sequence configured for the robot replica in this project  will be a little bit different; It will be shown later.

Before that, let me show you the basic parts of the robot’s replica:


Now it’s time to install the wiring!

First the Motor Drivers + the Batteries:


Installing the endstop sensor as a Teacup detector:


Then all the connections:


Checking if the Arm’s mechanism keep the horizontal line of the Tea tray when the robots move it up and down:

         DSC_0152_modified     DSC_0151_modified

A last modification was needed because of the “poor” stability during the robot’s movement. Now the robot have two little caster wheels:

Here is displayed the working sequence configured for the zashiki karakuri’s replica (when it works…):


And here there is the flowchart of the main program when the robot has its “day off”(no tea-service)…I mean like an autonomous navigation mode; just avoiding obstacles by changing its speed and direction depending on what the robot finds around it:



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