Monster Robot (not completed)

The Robot shown in this project was designed in order to never stop feeding itself. During the day when there is light the flower obsorbs all the sunlight available in the environment and always tries to search which is the place of the room with more light. On the other hand, when there is not light available, the robot has to feed via other way. During the night the Robot rests peacful showing a blue led bulb and waits until something or someone is close to the bulb. In this moment the Robot hit the detected presence in order to kill and then eat it.

So this Robot never sleeps…

First, I tried to visualize the robot’s best appearance by making a draft of the model on a sheet of paper. This was the result (I guess it should have remained on a sheet of paper…):


By this stage of the process I ran out of my favorite motors and the ones that I’ve been using since the first project in this Blog. So I gave a try to the “very cheap” and little motors that long time ago I bought them and I have not used yet.

Once I had built the main structure of the Robot I tried to install the minimum wiring just to move the Robot via the little motors. And… of course It did not work!


Again and again… the same lesson for me: “first think, then do!”

While I don’t have my favorite motors to replace the previous motors, I will post some of the flow charts that  the different behaviours of the Robot are shown and also how they are changed.

First, the Mode Selector process is a very simple code that uses the light detector (Photoresistor) as a switching criteria between the Night Mode and the Day Mode:


Then, the differents Robot’s  modes (or behaviours) are established:

Day Mode: The robot is always searching for the place with more ligh of the room and at the same time is avoiding the possible obstacles that are in the room:


Night Mode: The robot waits for someone or something that bites the bait while showing a blue light bulb. Once the prey approaches to the blue light bulb and touches it, a hammer-like arm hits the prey.  Otherwise if there are no prey approaching, the robot will have a walk in order to change the hunting/fishing place:


All the code was already written for programming the robot but another project came and I had to leave this project. At least the dataflows remain…


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