Electrical Pet (just a break for robotics…)

This project is not about robotics, but it is very funny and fast to do. The material needed:

  1. Liquid Crystal Display (LCD); here it is used a 20×4 LCD with I2C communication.
  2. A microcontroller.
  3. At least 3 buttons to interact with the electrical pet.
  4. Batteries; here is used a 5V  @ 2000 mAh Power Bank.

The next step is to design the behaiviour of the pet, and then manage to put all the deisgn in a astate machine. For example, for this project, first the pet is inside the egg and after a few seconds the egg is broken the the pet finally comes out as a baby electrical pet. Just following this flowchart:


The blue bubbles of the previous flowchart are states from the state machine. The conditions for trasition from one state to the next, in this case, it’s only the time. But on the next steps, there could be other conditions like health, the level of happiness of the pet, and whatever you think it could be nice to consider.

For example the next states of the tama are going to follow the same pattern, like you will be able to access to the menu in order to feed, play, study or even perform a reset:



And the final assembly has been done with a little box:




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