This is a bigger version of my last Super Crab Robot, but this one has 4 legs and it is a full walker. I mean that this robot does not crawl anymore like the Crab and Super Crab models that in fact were half-walkers.

It has a total of 6 dof: 4 dof for the two anterior legs (2 dof each) and 2 dof for the two posterior legs (1 dof each).

To sum up some things here is the basic diagram of the system:


The microcontroller has to control 3 motor drivers: the first one controls concerning the Right Arm Motor (RA) & Right Forearm Motor (RF), the second driver controls the Left Arm Motor (LA) & Left Forearm Motor (LF) and the third motor driver controls the Right Leg Motor (RL) & Left Leg Motor (LL).

It also is connected an ultrasonic sensor used as a distance sensor in order to give the robot some free walk as it decides if there’s some obstacles near or not and if it have to avoid them.

And if we would like to drive the robot giving commands to it, I made an appliacation that sends data via serial port (USB cable) to the microcontroller, mostly like a control panel.


And another thing concerning this robot is the fact that is very heavy acording to the connecting parts that I am using to build robots. So I had to give the robot a quite good power transmission to the motors, to hold the robot in its position despite its weight.

Here are some picture of the power transmission gesars I used for the anterior legs:


And a good power transmission gears as well for the posterior legs og tge robot:


And the distance sensor placed at the front of the robot like many of my other creations:



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