This little quadruped robot only have 2 DC motors that control all the walk motion. Maybe I used a very simple mechanism, but this robot is able to walk forward, go backwards and turn to its right or left.

In the next picture it can be the basics of waht I am talking about:

  • battery: 7 V and 3000 Ah
  • microcontroller board
  • motor Driver
  • 2 DC motors



Here are also the pictures taken from the right and left side of the Robot:


And concerning the different modes of motion, according to the mechanism designed for thiss robot, it can be programmed like this:

  • M1 forward & M2 forward -> Robot will go forward.
  • M1 forward & M2 backward -> Robot will turn to its left.
  • M1 backward & M2 forward -> Robot will turn to its right.
  • M1 backward & M2 backward -> Robot will move backwards.




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