Explorer or Fighter

This robot model, has practicaly the same structure as the Walker robot model, but now the motion system is not by walking, the posterior legs have been replaced by two motorized wheels, now has two caster wheels at the bottom of the distance sensor and the forearms does not push against the floor for walking, […]

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This is a bigger version of my last Super Crab Robot, but this one has 4 legs and it is a full walker. I mean that this robot does not crawl anymore like the Crab and Super Crab models that in fact were half-walkers. It has a total of 6 dof: 4 dof for the […]

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Crab Robot

Maybe this robot is not as a Craab would be, but I chose this name because is the first name that came to my mind. Again with being or not being a Crab, this robot cannot move along its sides, instead it walks forwards or backwards and it is also able to turn. The robot’s […]

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Monster Robot (not completed)

The Robot shown in this project was designed in order to never stop feeding itself. During the day when there is light the flower obsorbs all the sunlight available in the environment and always tries to search which is the place of the room with more light. On the other hand, when there is not […]

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Drawing Robot (SCARA type)

Here is posted another project related to a SCARA Robot that is going to draw whatever you command it (with limitations). The basic robot’s structure of a SCARA type robot is based on a 2 dof planar robot (with height) and with a prismatic joint on the same axis of the end efector. The end efector […]

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Robotic Arm 3 dof (RRR type)

Here is one of many “leave it for later” projects that I always wanted to finish. Although it is not finished I will show you what I have so far. Of course is a very easy project! But at the same time is very gratifying; according to the philosophy of this blog, Fast & Simple […]

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